Empowered with ADHD

a group program to build resilience, boost self-confidence, & cultivate inner calm

Continue your personal growth! Designed as the next step for graduates of our 10-week Adults with ADHD program, this course delves deeper into addressing the intersection of ADHD, anxiety, stress and self-confidence.

Led by our experienced clinical psychologist, Carly, this group is designed to equip you with invaluable skills tailored to the unique challenges that people with ADHD face when responding to anxiety and stress. From battling decision fatigue and overwhelming shutdowns to managing burnout, panic, impulsive reactions, and avoidance, this program provides you with knowledge & skills to respond in new ways.

Incorporating evidence-based approaches such as mindful self-compassion, defusion, and acceptance, the group will cover resilience building, anxiety management, protection from burnout, perfectionism, and personal growth into the longterm.


11th October – 13 December
Wednesday evenings for 6 weeks
6pm – 7.30pm (Sydney time)
Runs online via Zoom
Cost: $90 per session

ph: (02) 9235 3127
e: info@sydneycitypsychology.com.au