Episode 1: Lockdown & Crisis

We have started a podcast called 10 Minute Mood, available for free on the SCP website. Episode 1 is about ‘Lockdown and Crisis’.

Our clinical psychologist, Dr Aspasia Karageorge, shares a reading and some practical advice for how we might make sense of this challenging time, and emerge from lockdown like a butterfly from its cocoon.

Take 10 minutes to find a quiet spot and listen, and let us know what you would like to hear about in upcoming episodes. What topics are important to you at the moment, and what conversations would be interesting for you to hear from our psychologists? Take care and, as always, give us a call or email if you would like to book in a time with a member of our team.

Recorded in August 2021 in Sydney, Australia by Dr Aspasia Karageorge.