Episode 2: Pregnancy

In  this second episode of our Perinatal Mood series, psychologists  Angel-Lee Aube and Aspasia Karageorge share insights on pregnancy.  Topics covered include the physical, emotional, psychological and  relationship changes that may be experienced during this important  9-month period. Angel and Aspasia put self-compassion at the forefront  of the discussion, and sprinkle tips of self-care throughout the podcast.

Happy  listening and stay tuned for further episodes of Perinatal Mood! If you  are interested in learning more about mental health during the  perinatal period (from trying to conceive through to the fist couple of  years of parenthood) our contact information can be found on the Sydney  City Psychology website: www.sydneycitypsychology.com.au

Recorded in  August 2022 in Australia, by Dr Aspasia Karageorge and Angel-Lee Aube.