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Executive & Performance

Powerful therapy and workshops to motivate growth and take you to the next level - on the sports field or in the boardroom.

Individual therapy

Our psychologists will work with you to increase motivation, concentration, achievement, and performance, and to reduce barriers so you can master every area of your life. Individual performance psychology sessions can help with:

Burnout & resilience
Performance anxiety in all contexts (e.g., musicians, actors, corporate)
Sports performance and improving your game
Skill acquisition
Workplace stress
Change management
Bullying and interpersonal challenges

Coaching psychology

Coaching involves the application of psychological processes, approaches, and interventions to get you from the starting line to the finish line. Coaching mainly focuses on strategies to achieve goals and monitor progress along the way, tackling any barriers that come up.  

Corporate trainings and EAP

We deliver workshops and training to help organisations become more successful and healthy. We can teach skills to be better leaders and communicators, navigate interpersonal dynamics more successfully, motivate performance and give effective feedback, implement change in a supported manner, and much more. We also provide workshops focussed on workplace mental health & mentally healthy workplaces. Click here to learn more about our corporate trainings and workshops (link to:Training Workshops section on Other Services page)

We offer Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services for companies of all sizes. In particular, we are known for promoting a focus on neurodiversity in the workplace, harnessing performance and sport psychology principles to promote behaviour change, and using mindfulness and acceptance-based approaches to open up new perspectives when responding to challenges. Click here to learn more about our EAP approach (link to: EAP section on Other Services page)


Getting a good night’s sleep is critical to physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing however can be surprisingly difficult.  Sleep difficulties are very common and can be linked to both physical and emotional problems, and the consequences can be debilitating.  Our psychologists can provide treatment for a number of sleep difficulties using evidence based practices and work collaboratively if necessary with Dr Keith Johnson, psychiatrist, who specialises in sleep.

Click here to find out about our 5-week Sleep Well online group program – to learn lifelong skills for a good night’s sleep, including a chance to create a personalised sleep plan.

Eating, food, and body image

Our psychologists provide evidence based treatments for a range of concerns related to eating, food and body image. We understand how difficult, private and vulnerable these struggles can be so we take a gentle, sensitive approach and walk alongside to support you to move towards where you would like to be.  We work collaboratively with GP’s and dieticians with expertise in eating and body image concerns to provide you with the best possible care.

We provide GP services, as well as psychological therapy in individual and group formats. We offer intensive individual therapy for eating disorders in consultation with our GP (or your existing GP), as well as other forms of evidence-based therapy for concerns related to eating, body, food and weight-related behaviours and associated mental health challenges.

We can work with you to address body dysmorphia, general body image concerns, eating disorders including binge-eating and restrictive eating, and emotional eating. Our psychologists can support you in intuitive eating and mindful eating approaches if desired.

Click here to find out about our Emotions and Eating group program.

Grief and Loss

Grief is a natural response to any loss which includes death, loss of a relationship, job, major transition in life, or changes to identity.  Grief comes in many forms and we all experience it differently. The thing we have in common is that grief is often connected to the people, things, or parts of our lives we care about most. Grieving is not a one-size-fits-all process, and it can be difficult to know what to expect and whether or not you might need extra support.  

Our psychologists are trained to answer any questions you might have about prolonged or complicated grief, to support you to make sense of your loss, to learn how to hold your feelings in ways that are most helpful for you, and to let you take a breath and put the pieces together about what was lost, what remains, and what can still be in your future.  

Men’s Mental Health

More than half of men who die by suicide have been in contact with mental health services before their death. We want to stop men slipping through the cracks by providing therapy which meets and supports the unique needs of men when tackling mental health.  Understanding how to engage and connect, motivate and support men to feel comfortable in exploring their individual meaning of masculinity, what truly matters to them, and be able to talk openly about depression, anxiety, anger, and suicidality.

Listen to our psychologist, Aspasia, discuss Men’s Mental Health with leading researcher in the field, Dr Zac Seidler of Movember

Drugs, Alcohol, and Addictions

Are you noticing your relationship with alcohol, drugs, sex, work, screens or gambling are causing problems for you, leading to negative consequences and moving you away from things that are important to you?  Most people experiment with any or all of these at some stage in their life, but generally no one wants to become addicted.

If you think you are losing control over your drug or alcohol use, or any other behaviours, reach out to us. We can work with you using evidence-based treatments to regain control of your behaviour.  What could your life look like if addiction wasn’t a problem?  


Individual psychological therapy that is tailored to empower individuals living with personality disorders. Working collaboratively with you, we combine skills development with more intensive emotional and relational work, to ensure that we can address the daily challenges that come with borderline personality disorder, as well as other personality disorders. Approaches include dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT), schema therapy, psychodynamic therapy and ISTDP, internal family systems, and other trauma-informed approaches if relevant to the individual.

We also provide specialised assessment of personality traits, including in-depth reports related to personality factors. See our Assessment section, or get in touch with us today, to find out more about how we can tailor an in-depth assessment to your specific needs.

AI and psychology

We are fascinated by the interface between AI and psychological services. How can AI enhance mental health and relationships, and how might we be able to use it the context of therapy? Although AI doesn’t provide the same quality of client-focused care in a therapy context, we do believe that it is a tool that can powerfully enhance mental health education, access, insight-building, and mental health education and literacy more broadly. We are excited to see the directions that this will take, and we are working on several projects to explore the integration of AI into clinical psychology services. Stay tuned.

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