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Challenges We Help

Depression & Anxiety

For when you feel sad, worried, overwhelmed, low, disconnected, or like the world is closing in on you.

ADHD & Neurodiversity

For when you need a helping hand with the challenges that neurodiversity brings and the unique experiences that come with it.

Child & Family

For when children, young people, families, parents and parents-to-be need space to be heard, understood, and supported with genuine care.

Trauma, Pain & Chronic Illness

For when past experiences or chronic health conditions make life feel harder than it should be.


For when you’d like a formal psycho-metric assessment and diagnosis to help better understand yourself or your child, and treatment recommendations to guide your next steps.

Couples & Relationships

Enhance connection and alignment – in ways that work best for your unique relationship – so all voices can sing together.


View a comprehensive list of all of the areas we can help you with.