Forensic assessment for court purposes

Forensic assessments can be undertaken to assist with decision-making and sentencing in legal proceedings.

We conduct comprehensive psychological assessments and expert witness reports for use in legal proceedings in areas of general psychopathology and personality and family matters. Expert psychological opinion will commonly be provided to a court or tribunal in the form of a written report. A comprehensive Psychological Assessment Report may incorporate in-depth clinical interviews, cross-informant data, incident facts, and psychometric evaluation of psychological, emotional, personality, and/or adaptive functioning. Such a report can be tendered by a third party, professional, or agency to assist with decision making and sentencing in legal proceedings.

Our psychologist Dr Mikaela Tracy has particular expertise in the assessment and diagnosis of Personality Disorders.

Mikaela Sydney City Psychology

Assessment areas include:

  • General psychological functioning & psychopathology
  • Formal diagnosis of DSM-5 Mental Disorders
  • Personality functioning
  • Family functioning
  • Adaptive functioning

Report Types:

  • Expert Witness Reports
  • Sentencing & Pre-Sentencing Assessments
  • Section 10 Dismissals
  • Section 12 and 14 (32) Applications
  • Family Reports
Dr Tracy completed her doctoral research on ways to improve the assessment and diagnosis of Personality Disorders, and has presented her research on Personality Disorders at national and international conferences, and has published her work in peer-reviewed academic journals.

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Forensic assessment for court purposes