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A 6 week online group program designed to help you redefine your relationship to eating, food, and your emotions.

This course is designed to help you identify your emotional eating patterns, manage hunger and cravings, improve body image and self-esteem, and respond in new ways to challenging thoughts and emotions.

The course will support you to: 

  • Learn about different types of eating behaviours
  • Identify emotions that influence your specific eating behaviours
  • Better deal with your unique emotions and thoughts
  • Identify and connect to your values around health 
  • Develop mindful eating practices that work for you
  • Learn practical skills to take care of your overall wellbeing
  • Deal with mistakes and setbacks in a resilient manner

The group is led by a clinical psychologist who uses evidence-based methods such as mindfulness, cognitive behavioural techniques, and self-compassion to support you in learning more intuitive ways of eating and developing more meaningful engagement with food, your body and your life.

You can join from anywhere, making it convenient and accessible to participate.

Cost: $90 per session

(total investment $540, for 6 weeks).