A helpful and practical space for children, adolescents and families to discover their strengths and work through challenges - with patience and honesty.

Our clinicians are experienced at supporting young people and parents with behaviour concerns, anxiety and mood challenges, emotional development, trauma-related difficulties, and relationship skills. We also work with parents and caregivers to support parenting strategies, navigate relationships, enhance conflict resolution, and tackle issues related to separation, divorce, foster care, and co-parenting.

Child, parent & family therapy

We understand that raising children is rewarding, challenging, and important work. We can work with your child directly, with the parents directly, or a combination of both, depending on your needs. Therapy can address behaviour concerns (such as defiance, tantrums, disruptive behaviours, and impulsivity), anxiety and mood challenges (anxiety, depression, school refusal, exam stress, emotional regulation), and relationship skills.

Parent coaching and support involves a psychologist working with one or more caregivers to learn and fine-tune parenting strategies for the unique needs of each child, parent and family system, as well as taking into account your particular values and practicalities. Alongside the usual therapy approaches, we can also work through specialised evidence-based parenting programs such as:

  • Tuning into Kids: Emotionally Intelligent Parenting
  • Bringing up Great Kids
  • Reparative Parenting Program for foster and kinship carers

Child therapy involves working one-on-one with your child to explore, restore, repair and enhance aspects of functioning that are serving or not serving their wellbeing. We focus on taking time to create comfort and connection with each child, and attachment theory underpins all of the work we do – because creating safe and attuned relationships is vital to future health, especially in the early years of life.

Our family therapy psychologists see two or more members of a family at once. In these sessions, the relationships between members of the family are explored with a focus on strengthening communication, understanding, and collaboration in a way that best suits your family.

Therapy for Adolescents

‘The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek’
– Joseph Campbell

Adolescence is a time of change, expansion, and exploration. You might be finding your voice, your identity, and trying things on for size – and it can be tough and lonely at times. We offer therapy specifically designed for young people aged 13 to 18 – because we believe that honest, open support is vital as you start to walk toward adulthood.

Our approach is strength-based, flexible and conversational, taking into account the unique aspects of you. We want to honour your autonomy and independence, while helping you build insight and skills to make decisions in a meaningful and assertive way.

We can work with you to address challenges like anxiety, depression, relationship and social issues, eating and body concerns, sexuality, exam stress, neurodivergence, and self-esteem. We take trauma and neurodivergence into account, and create a non-judgmental space to openly explore even the most personal issues with care and honesty. We see your courage in showing up for therapy.

Perinatal support

The perinatal period is the time between becoming pregnant to the first year after birth. While this time can have many joyous moments, it may also include a whole lot of uncertainty and anxiety, and sometimes even loss. We recognise the importance of perinatal mental health and provide evidence-based support and guidance for you each step of the way.

We support parents and parents-to-be with issues across the perinatal timeframe, including: psychological and emotional support when trying to conceive, pregnancy complications, loss or birth trauma, adjustment to becoming a parent, sleep and feeding issues, anxiety and depression post-birth, and changes to relationships and self-worth in the early years of becoming a parent.

Listen to our clinical psychologists, Angel and Aspasia, discuss the different stages of the perinatal period in our podcast series

Assessments & Reports

For assessments of ADHD, Autism, and learning and educational needs for children and young people.

Our psychologists provide assessment for Family Reports and Child Impact Reports for the purpose of legal and parenting matters.