Episode 13: Separation & co-parenting agreements – with lawyer Rebecca McLeod

10 Minute Mood Podcast

Join lawyer, Rebecca McLeod from Watts McCray, and clinical psychologist, Aspasia Karageorge, for a conversation about legal and psychological aspects of co-parenting agreements after separation or divorce. How are the child’s best interest taken into consideration? What can parents expect when navigating this process? How can parents best communicate with their children along the way? […]

Episode 12: Trauma & ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) with Dr Russ Harris

Join clinical psychologist, Natalie Glaser, and author of best-selling book The Happiness Trap, Dr Russ Harris, to learn about the use of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) with trauma, from the perspective of the therapist and the client. How can ACT address symptoms of trauma? What are the symptoms of trauma, and what are the […]

Episode 11: Autism Assessment in Childhood

In this episode, learn about how autism is assessed for and diagnosed in children. Who can assess and diagnose? What does an assessment process involve? What should you be looking for when undertaking the assessment process? What are the advantages of having an assessment early in life? Can early diagnosis be helpful in any particular […]

Episode 10: Attachment Styles and Relationships

Join clinical psychologist Dr Aspasia Karageorge for an overview of attachment styles, both in childhood and in adulthood. What are attachment styles? What can they look like in childhood versus adulthood? How can they continue to influence our relationships even in adulthood? How can you work on changing your attachment style in order to improve […]

Episode 9: Performance Psychology in Sports

Join psychologist Alan Hely for a 10 minute overview of performance psychology in sports. He discussed the ways in which elite sportspeople use performance psychology to be at the top of their game, as well as provides tips for how you can apply performance psychology to your own game. Whether you are a beginner or […]

Episode 8: Emotional and Impulsive Eating – a group program

This episode features a conversation between Veena Sothieson and Aspasia Karageorge, two clinical psychologists at Sydney CIty Psychology, and Dr Eric Pugliesi, a General Practitioner with a special interest in metabolism and weight management. The purpose of the conversation was for Dr Eric to introduce his patients to an online emotional eating group that we […]

Episode 7: Women and ADHD

Join clinical psychologist, Dr Aspasia Karageorge, for a 10 minute dive into ADHD and how the experience for women with ADHD may differ to that of men. Aspasia discusses symptom differences, treatment options, and special considerations for women. It is important to note that there are generalisations made in this podcast based on clinical experience […]

Episode 6: Eating Problems with Dr Veena Sothieson

In Episode 6 of 10 Minute Mood, we discuss eating problems. What are eating-related problems, and what are the sign to look out for? What supports are available, and when is psychology or medical intervention helpful? Join clinical psychologists Dr Veena Sothieson and Dr Aspasia Karageorge from Sydney City Psychology for a concise overview of […]

Episode 5: Men’s Mental Health with Dr Zac Seidler Part Two

A 10-minute podcast episode for all the men out there, focussing on men’s mental health and wellbeing. This episode is Part 2 of a conversation between Dr Zac Seidler, a leading men’s mental health expert and Director of Mental Health Training at Movember, and our clinical psychologist, Dr Aspasia Karageorge. In this part of the […]

Episode 4: Men’s Mental Health with Dr Zac Seidler Part One

This one is for all the men out there. Episode 4 is all about men’s mental health. Dr Zac Seidler is a leading men’s mental health expert and Director of Mental Health Training at Movember, as well as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow with Orygen at The University of Melbourne. He spoke to Dr Aspasia Karageorge […]