Episode 4: Men’s Mental Health with Dr Zac Seidler Part One

This one is for all the men out there.

Episode 4 is all about men’s mental health. Dr Zac Seidler is a leading men’s mental health expert and Director of Mental Health Training at Movember, as well as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow with Orygen at The University of Melbourne. He spoke to Dr Aspasia Karageorge about the importance of focussing on men’s mental health, ways to talk with men about their wellbeing, men and emotions, tips for seeking and maintaining support systems, and how this moment is so crucial for men and anyone who has a male friend or loved one. It’s a wide-ranging chat filled with practical tips.

Take a moment today to consider the men in your life, and to learn some ways to support them, notice signs of difficulty, and how to reach out to them to check in on their wellbeing.

Note: this episode is 20 minutes long, despite the name ’10 Minute Mood’, because it was just too good to cut down. It will be followed by a Part 2.

For more resources regarding men’s mental health, check out the following:



Recorded in December 2021 in Australia, between Dr Zac Seidler and Dr Aspasia Karageorge.