Comprehensive, strength-based psychometric assessments across the lifespan, including practical next steps to implement important changes needed to reach your goals

We pride ourselves on high-quality, comprehensive assessments. This means that we use multiple in-depth assessment measures combined with gold-standard clinical interview tools to ensure that we delve deep into understanding the unique needs, strengths, and challenges of each person.

This multi-faceted approach lets us provide you with a thorough report of diagnostic outcomes, a personalised treatment plan, and practical recommendations for the road ahead. We can also liaise with schools, other health professionals, and workplaces to ensure everyone is on the same page.

We provide assessments for:

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What is a psychometric assessment?

A psychometric assessment is a standardised and objective measurement process used to assess a variety of neuropsychological aspects including personality, cognitive abilities, skills, and behaviours. Psychometric assessment procedures are based on rigorous research and statistical analysis to ensure their reliability and validity across different groups of people. For that reason, it is important that they are administered in a standardised manner by psychologists who receive specialised training in conducting, interpreting, and synthesising assessment data. The information obtained from these assessments can be valuable in guiding health decision-making, educational planning, clinical diagnoses, and personalised interventions or areas for skills development.

Our approach to assessment

Importantly – we embrace neurodiversity and strengths-based approaches to assessment.. Each person’s neurological makeup is unique, therefore we can adjust the tools we use based on the particularities of you. Our practice is also a welcoming space, and we take time to let you become comfortable and familiar with the rooms and with us. Finally, our assessments include tools specifically created for neurodiverse individuals, as well as an emphasis on identifying strengths as well as challenges.

ADHD assessment

Autism assessment

Intellectual and academic assessments

Forensic assessment for court purposes