What Is a Child Psychological Assessment And What Are The Benefits?

We all want the best for our children, that even if they don’t succeed in all their endeavours, they are happy and well grounded. Any suggestion that they might undertake a psychological assessment, however, may be difficult to bear. Perhaps you have thought about taking this step with your child on your own, or someone has suggested it to you, but are worried about the stigma attached to seeking help.

You or your child’s teacher may have picked up that your child is showing signs of anxiety, depression, or that they are struggling in some way at school. They may have behavioural or emotional challenges at home or school, or they may be subject to bullying. Alternatively, they may simply be struggling to keep up with their peers and appear to be behind developmentally. In all of these instances, a child psychological assessment is valid and helpful.

What Is a Child Psychological Assessment And What Are The Benefits? / Sydney City Psychology

What To Expect From A Child Psychological Assessment?

  • The assessment will be done by a psychologist trained to work with children and to undertake these assessments, in a relaxed environment. It is not a test in the normal sense of the word with a pass or fail, so there’s no need for you or your child to worry about ‘doing well’.
  • The psychologist will learn about the child’s emotional and behavioural skills through chatting with them and with you, their caregivers. The psychologist may also want to speak to the child’s teacher and people who know them well, but they will discuss this with you and seek your consent first.
  • In some instances, it might be helpful for the psychologist to visit the child at home or at school to evaluate their interactions with others.
  • The child will complete a standardised test, the results of which will assess the child’s functional, behavioural, emotional and academic abilities. This testing can be tailored to the exact needs of your child, and the reasons you are seeking testing.
  • Testing is done in a comfortable, relaxed, and child-friendly manner. Confidentiality, trust and ensuring that your child feels safe and at ease are the top priorities.

What Are The Benefits Of This Assessment?

The results will show the child’s strengths and indicate where they need help. A learning disability may be revealed, which can be addressed. Behavioural or emotional challenges may be uncovered, and recommendations will be made on how to manage these. This can help them improve academically and emotionally, and to better equip them into the future.

A child psychological assessment is not a quick evaluation. It may require more than a few sessions to ensure the therapist understands the child and developing strategies to help them where they need assistance. It is well worth finding the time to help your child now and prevent them struggling through life with unresolved issues. There is strength in knowledge, and we encourage you to take a moment and consider if this insight would be beneficial to you and your child.

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What Is a Child Psychological Assessment And What Are The Benefits? / Sydney City Psychology