Enhance connection and alignment - in ways that work best for your unique relationship - so all voices can sing together.

We offer couples therapy, sex therapy, and relationship therapy that responds to the unique needs of romantic and sexual relationships of all kinds. This includes married couples, LGBTIQA+ relationships, separated couples, dating couples, long-distance relationships, polyamory, open relationships, people considering parenthood together, throuples, and so much more.

Couples and relationship therapy

Relationships are an ongoing adventure. Relationships will always face challenges, problems and crisis points, at one time or another. The overarching goal of our approach is to help people more clearly and responsively connect to one another in relationships, so that conflicts and differences can be worked through in a caring and collaborative manner, rather than in an adversarial, competitive, abusive or dismissive way.

Responding to relationship challenges can be an opportunity for growth and satisfaction. People can feel closer to their partners after effectively working through conflict, and we work with you to learn the skills to better navigate the ups and downs.

Couples therapy can be useful to address:

Intimacy concerns, infidelity, disconnection and ‘growing apart’, times of crisis and change, differences in values, the decision whether to have children,  conflict resolution, communication challenges, addressing intergenerational trauma and patterns of relational trauma, different attachment styles, boundary-setting, general relationship dynamics and how they can be more deeply understood and enhanced to increase collaboration,  pre-marital counselling, post-separation decision-making and planning, and the impacts of behaviours like gambling, alcohol and drugs, and other addictions on the relationship.

Therapy approaches include:

Gottman, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), imago relationship therapy, sex therapy, systemic therapy, psychodynamic approaches informed by ISTDP, emotionally focused therapy (EFT), narrative therapy, The Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy (PACT) and solution-focused therapy.

Couples therapy for same-sex and LGBTIQ+ relationships

Every relationship is as unique as the individuals involved, and we recognise the importance of providing support for couples that takes into account the unique challenges and needs of LGBTIQ+ people. Our compassionate couples therapists hold a deep commitment to fostering love, communication, and resilience, while acknowledging issues that can face minority and diverse groups. We provide a safe and affirming space for couples to explore their emotions, strengthen their bonds, and overcome obstacles, as well as navigating issues related to identity, expression, and stigma. Love comes in many beautiful forms and configurations – and we welcome it!

Sex therapy

We provide sex therapy to address sexual challenges, explore sexual desires, improve sexual connection and satisfaction, and provide space to discuss the important sexual components of a relationship that can often be avoided or kept private. We want to open up conversations about sex for couples, because sexual satisfaction matters to your mental health and wellbeing too. Let’s talk about it!