It may take a bit of searching to find your life partner, but once you have, everything in your world will feel like it has fallen into place. But it doesn’t always work out that way, cracks appear, human nature reveals irritating habits, life piles a multitude of stress on your shoulders, you bicker and argue, and it seems as though you’re just not happy anymore.

Is it worth trying to improve or save your relationship by going to couples therapy? The good news is that there is a more than 75% success rate with couples’ therapy.

When Do You Need Help?

Some issues that couples therapy may be useful for:

  • Difficulties with communication
  • A sense that you are leading separate lives and no longer co-exist
  • If you are tempted to be unfaithful, then you need to consider where these feelings are coming from. You may be craving love and affection, not necessarily a new partner.
  • When bickering, fighting, and snapping at each other become the new normal. This can cause a lot of damage when hurtful things are said.
  • Changes in your sex life; a loss of passion and intimacy are often the result of deeper underlying issues.
  • Arguing over finances

What Can I Expect From Couples Therapy?

The couple’s therapist will make you feel comfortable within a safe, non-judgemental space helping you to share your feelings in an honest and open way.

They will ask how your relationship started and find out more about your family histories.

They will ask what you would like from your relationship and help you find the blocks that prevent you from moving forward. This will help give the psychologist a deeper understanding of your relationship dynamic.

The therapist will listen impartially whilst guiding you to speak honestly with each other.

Couples therapy aims to help you to chart a new course around the negative blocks in your relationship, help restore trust and deepen intimacy, and work towards shared goals. The therapist will map out a different way to relate to each other with better communication and coping skills.

If you feel that your relationship would benefit from some extra attention and care, then contact us at Sydney City Psychology.