The COVID pandemic and ensuing lockdown have given rise to a great deal of stress and uncertainty in our lives. At this time, reaching out to a psychologist can be especially important, and being locked down shouldn’t get in the way. There is help at hand, you can book your first online (or ‘telehealth’) session with a psychologist at Sydney City Psychology!

What Can You Expect from Your First Telehealth Session?

Your first telehealth session with a psychologist will first involve making sure that your video and audio is working, and you are comfortable with the technology side of things. Your psychologist will ask questions to get to know you, will explain the process ahead, and together you will set a plan for future work. It also involves practical discussion around fees, consent, and confidentiality, all of which are very important. If referred by a GP or psychiatrist, the psychologist will discuss the mental health treatment plan and potential Medicare rebates with you. If you haven’t been referred, then expect to pay the full amount for a session and the psychologist will explain that in further detail.

After that, the psychologist will guide you through some questions about why you are there, what has been happening in your life lately, and your past. Other topics will also be discussed, such as what you would like to be different, or how you imagine your future life to be, what you’re good at and what you find difficult. This will give a shared understanding of the work to be done between you and the psychologist.

Embarking On a Journey of Self-Development

The number of sessions required will vary due to each individual’s journey. Some may only need short to medium term work, with check-ins over the long term to deal with setbacks or relapses. For some clients, therapy may be more of a long-term process, depending on your exact goals. The important thing is to feel safe and comfortable during your first session. Being in your own space physically will make this much easier for self-development and growth.

Some sessions may be difficult, and some may seem like a friendly chat, but the psychologist will help and guide you with coping strategies and ways to manage or reduce any symptoms.

If you feel the need to reach out for help, don’t delay because of COVID-19. Book your first online telehealth session with a psychologist today with the team at Sydney City Psychology. And don’t worry if you don’t consider yourself to be particularly tech savvy. Our team will guide you through the steps to connect online with your psychologist, and to get comfortable and confident with the process.