Easing Back Into Life After Lockdown

The rapid spread of COVID-19 across the globe has been a challenging experience. It has turned lives upside down and confronted us with new ways of living. Being in lockdown has certainly helped to reduce the rate of infection, but living our lives separated from our friends, family, and work colleagues has had its costs. For many, lockdown was filled with stress, grief, insecurity, depression, fear, and anxiety. As we come to see that there is life after lockdown, slowly there is light at the end of the tunnel

For many of us, our homes have become our sanctuaries and isolation has kept us safe, but we know we can’t continue to live like this long-term. It might be that returning back out into the world and seeing people face to face is a daunting prospect. It may be filled with mixed emotions, and lots of anxiety. Travelling, whether on public transport or driving ourselves, may feel be alien and nerve-wracking. Returning to work meetings in-person may feel confronting. Below are a few ideas of how to step out into the world again, at your own pace.

Easing Back Into Life After Lockdown / Sydney City Psychology

How To Make The Most Of Life After Lockdown?

  • Take it slow. Simple everyday activities like shopping, driving, and reintegrating back into society will seem strange and may be stressful. Be cognisant of how you feel, seek out help before your anxiety worsens.
  • Rebuild your relationships. Your friends and colleagues may have changed as much as you. Spend time together and support one another as you navigate a fresh life after lockdown.
  • Reflect on your experience. Instead of trying to rebuild your old life, focus on all the positives you might have learnt from lockdown. Spending more time with family, working less, exercising more, finding creativity. Make a list of new habits and start implementing them.
  • Look for opportunities. The Federal Government is offering heavily subsidised courses in both Undergraduate and Postgraduate Certificates for those financially displaced by COVID-19. You could enhance your current skill set or obtain a new qualification in a new field.
  • Seek help early. Speak to your GP or contact us at Sydney City Psychology if you need support. Anxiety, difficulty sleeping, changes in appetite, irritability, bouts of crying are all signs to look out for.
  • Remember the health advice. Maintain social distancing, wash your hands, and sanitise. Keep up to date with rules as they change.

Sydney City Psychology COVID-19 Safety Plan

We are in your corner and have enabled a few systems that will help you navigate your new life more effectively.

  • Air purifiers in every room
  • Physical distancing in accordance with requirements
  • Online sessions continue to be available
  • Enhanced and ongoing cleaning

We want you to know that your health and wellbeing is our primary concern, and anxiety about life after lockdown shouldn’t hold you back from getting the support you need.

If you have any anxiety about these new challenges, please contact Sydney City Psychology through our website.

Easing Back Into Life After Lockdown / Sydney City Psychology