If there is anything that can show us the value of teachers and the wonderful job that they do, it is the task of trying to monitor our children’s schooling from home. As daunting as it may be, especially if you’re also working, here are a few tips for parents who are home-schooling.

Tips For Getting The Home-School Process Right

  • Set up a dedicated workspace.
  • Stick to a routine so that children know what to expect, this should include your own work schedule so that they know when you are available or not.
  • Plan healthy snacks and lunch in advance.
  • Involve your children from the start to find a manageable home-schooling schedule that suits their learning style and teaches them to balance work and motivation. This is an opportunity to get to know your child better whilst teaching them healthy habits. Sit down with your child and (depending on their age) ask them what they think a fair schedule looks like. If they identify a problem, ask them what sorts of solutions they can come up with first, before jumping in to provide your own solution. See if you can work with your child to figure out how best to manage this new way of schooling.
  • Include creative time outdoors every day, even if it’s raining. The restorative power of nature will benefit you both, plus there is so much to learn out there.
  • Balance screen time with books or practical activities such as baking, cooking, art, gardening, or something physical such as football, or going for walks.

Six hours of home-schooling does not equate to six hours of school, so try to be understanding and prepared to be flexible with your home-schooling. Don’t forget that play is also very important. Children learn a lot about themselves, others, and the world from play and exploration. Not all learning looks like a textbook or a Zoom classroom!

Support For Parents Who Are Home-Schooling

Collaborate with other parents or family to share the load. There are education systems and school related organisations providing extensive resources. They offer virtual excursions, videos, and print materials that can be downloaded. Try joining a parent’s group on social media to discuss home schooling strategies or setting up your own messaging group with parents from your child’s school.

Don’t forget that schools offer enormous support during lockdown. Many teachers and schools have enabled schooling through online classes, including independent learning activities with printed material and resources to support them within a class. It is worth contacting your school to check in about what resources they have on offer.

Health Tips For Parents Who Are Home-Schooling

Finally, ensuring that your mental health is prioritised is of paramount importance during these difficult times.

  • Practice gratitude: celebrate and praise your child when it all goes well. Don’t underestimate the power of praise, especially when you can see that your child has put effort into doing something well or differently.
  • Reflect with your child for 5 minutes each morning and evening on how the learning experience is going. What went well today? What could be worked on tomorrow?
  • Encourage your child to keep a journal or a chart of their own progress and feelings. Get creative with it and remember to celebrate small wins. This is a tough time for us all, including our children.

If you are navigating this journey and feel the need to reach out for help, don’t hesitate to call us. We are here to support you completely. Book a session at Sydney City Psychology by contacting us today.