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Understanding and Achieving with ADHD as an adult

A 10 week group program designed to increase understanding of what it means to have ADHD and how to overcome many of the common difficulties.

The course will build your ability to stay focussed, get things done before a deadline, how to slow down, take a breath and stay on track. The groups are small to allow interaction and designed to be fun.


  • Call Cassandra on 9235 3127
  • Groups run on Tuesday for 10 weeks from 5.30 to 7.00 PM starting 13th July
  • Groups run over video so attend from any location
  • Cost: $70 per session with a $32.60 rebate with a mental health care plan from your GP
Meet our clinical psychologist Aspasia in this video talking about what to expect in your video session

Why Sydney City Psychology?


We have been practising in the Sydney CBD for 20 years so understand your needs and the importance of confidentiality.


We are open 6 days a week from 7 am – 8 pm for your convenience to attend before or after work and on Saturdays. We have flexible online booking to make it easier to find a time that suits you.


Our clients make meaningful changes in their lives, feel happier, calmer and learn how to manage difficult situations, thoughts and feelings more effectively.


We are clinical psychologists and psychiatrists so with a GP referral you are eligible to claim a Medicare rebate.

Would you like…


relief from symptoms of depression, anxiety & stress?


to improve your relationships at home or work?


to be happier and calmer?


to be spending your time doing the things you care about and getting more enjoyment and satisfaction out of life?

Sometimes life is difficult and coping with the challenges it presents is hard. Our minds get clouded and we make choices that seem to get us nowhere.

Firstly, we will help you work out what is important to you. Secondly, we will teach you skills to stop your depression, anxiety, emotional pain and negative thinking getting in the way of doing the things you care about.

“All people want to be happy yet very few know how.”

Our clinical psychologists work with adults, adolescents and children. We have a wide range of expertise and can help with most presenting problems. Some difficulties people come to us for help with are:


Work Problems

Anger Management


Trauma Histories


Relationship Problems



Childhood Behavioural Difficulties



Eating Disorders


Our Neuropsychiatrist, Dr Keith Johnson, specialises in insomnia and adult ADHD.

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